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Alter Ego: Guest Food Blogger #1

The following is an excerpt from my recent turn as guest food blogger for my wife’s site, A Ruby Reduction. If you prefer your food full of flavour and your food blogs light on pretense, then her site is definitely for you.

Shortly after Connie launched A Ruby Reduction, I briefly entertained the thought of creating a companion blog focused entirely on the hamburger.

It seemed like a splendid idea at first … until I began to realize that in order to maintain such a site, I’d have to eat an (almost) ungodly number of burgers (and buns) on a regular basis.

Hey, I love hamburgers, but a man’s got his limits.

So, rather than subject myself to the perpetual “meat sweats”, I offered to submit the occasional post on hamburgers to A Ruby Reduction. From a health (and creative) perspective, it’s probably a more reasonable rate.

The rest of the piece is available at (originally posted 02 March 2012). Featured in the entry are two original hamburger creations inspired by comedian Bill Burr.

You can also follow Ruby Reduction on Twitter: @Ruby_Reduction

One response to “Alter Ego: Guest Food Blogger #1

  1. There is really nothing better than the taste of an easy over egg on a burger. Delicious to the max!

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