Extra Credits

This past weekend my wife and I had the chance to work with the tremendously talented people at Say Ten Productions as they shot a one-minute short for the upcoming Digi60 Seconds competition. The competition–organized by the Digi60 Film Festival and Invest Ottawa–challenges local filmmakers to find creative ways of showcasing some of the more unique locations our Nation’s Capital has to offer.

The opportunity to be a part of the short is due to our colleague Beth, a screenwriter in her spare time who happened to work on developing the screenplay for the short. When the need for extras arose, she asked if we were interested in helping out. The answer was simple: of course we were!  And if we needed any further coaxing, the filming would take place at Le Cordon Bleu and would force us to dress up.

Oddly enough (at least for me), this was the second time in two weeks that I have been an extra in a production, the first being for the web-series Scream All You Want. Though work as an extra is far from glamorous–it’s true that it can be a fair amount of hurry up and wait–being behind the scenes gave me an enhanced appreciation of the degree of effort required to produce even a single minute of television or film. It truly is amazing.

I have been fortunate both times to work with casts and crews on sets that were equal parts friendly and supportive; I understand that is not always the case, particularily for larger productions. At any rate, it was an enormous amount of fun being even a small part of the local arts scene. I wish both success and can’t wait to see the final products (and I hear I’ll even have an IMDb credit or two to my name. Nice!)

End Scene.


Alter Ego: Guest Food Blogger #3

The following is an excerpt taken from my recent turn as guest food blogger for A Ruby Reduction, published 18 May 2012.

It’s funny how our taste preferences have a tendency to change or evolve with age. If I were to sit down little nine year old Jamie and ask him to name his three favourite vegetables, I can almost guarantee the list would not include broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts. However, 25 years later and rarely a day goes by in which I’m not enjoying a combination of all three.

My mother must be so proud.

(Wait a minute. If I could travel back in time and meet the me from 1987, am I really going to waste that ability by asking him what his favourite vegetables are? Of course, not. I’m slapping a copy of Gray’s Sports Alamanac in his hand and telling him to not put some money on the Cubbies).

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